PortlandDouchebag.com is a stereotype site poking fun at Douchebags in Portland, Oregon. The word is derived from a female hygene product that collects vagina juice after washing. Lets clarify the ACTUAL meaning of this broad term, Douchebag.


Webster's definition:
slang : an unattractive or offensive person

Wikepedias definition:
Douchebag, or simply douche, is considered to be a person with a variety of negative qualities, specifically arrogance and engaging in obnoxious and/or irritating actions without malicious intent.

Encyclopediadramatica.com definition:
A douchebag is a feminine hygiene product. However, it eventually became an insult, because people are fucking stupid. If you are fucking stupid, and were looking for the definition of "douchebag" that applies to the insulting version of the word, then it is as follows. The douchebag is a common subspecies of the white American male. They can be seen in almost any setting although they do seem to prefer malls and college campuses.

PortlandDouchebags.com definition:

Fist Pumping, over populating meat head sluts who infest the downtown areas with their bad perfumes, slutty dresses, collared shirts, spiked hair, loud behavior and zero intellect. The main goal of a douche is to go to a club and crush some pussy OR get meated by some steroid tiny cock.

The common American douche is easily identified as a result of their distinctive manner of dress. There are slight variations, but common traits share among them are as follows.
  • White sunglasses
  • Plaid shorts
  • Pastel polo shirts with popped collars, often wearing several at the same time
  • Designer T-shirts
  • Brand new worn-out jeans worn with over priced flipflops
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Hats with impeccably flat brims
  • Those flattened link chains
  • Button up collared shirt, worn open so the muscle shirt beneath is visible.
  • Quote Shitty Movie lines
If you go to Baracuda, Upfront FX, or NV, then YES you are.

We want our town back, especially downtown. It's bad enough we have to deal with fucking bums polluting and smelling up our streets. Now we have to deal with Douchebags pretty much doing the same thing. We the people need to call upon a messiah to summon from hell or heaven to destroy all these infectious fucks with one swoop. That would take care of 60% of Portlands Population, place a stop to the AID's epidemic, and clean the streets of puke, broken shit, raped bodies and Hummers.

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  1. I worked in Old town for Naito Properties
    and I concur 100%


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