1. Are you offended by this Web site?

2. Do you always use the words "totally bro" or "sup son" or "boss"?

3. Do you only talk about your hair and muscles?

4. Do you have herpes, ghonarea and any other type of std you picked up from slutbag?

5. Do you wear button down double collar shirts, designer loose jeans, smelly gelled spiked hair, ball chain necklace, and shiny black pointed shoes?

6. Do you often fuck a chicks with dicks but still claim your not a "Faggot"?

7. Do you like the bands Creed, Limp Biskit, Nickleback and still think they are original?

8. Do you often find yourself in your own bath of puke and shit?

9. Do you talk shit about your friends ALL THE FUCKING TIME?

10. Do you laugh at all your own jokes then grab a high five from your douchebag "bro"?

11. Do have own a Hummer or large truck to make up for super small pimply cock?

12. Do you cake on so much make up so your face fuggin bleeds?

13. Do you still spend time on MySpace?

14. Do you snort ample amounts of blow off of toilet seats and call pot smokers hippies?

15. Do you wear too much make up until your orange face bleeds?

16. Do you have an orange face?

17. Do you think Snookie is HOT?

18. Is Carson Daly your idol?

19. Do you have a cliche' Chinese symbol for a tattoo on your bicep (men), lower-back (women)?

20. Have you raped a passed out chick?

21. Are you thinking right now you might actually be a DOUCHEBAG?

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